It´s not Microcement,
It´s Topciment

High quality continuous coating and easy to maintain

Excellent workability
Wide range of colors and finishes
High support adherence
Fast application and implementation
Wide selection of colors
Grays, earths, brights and neutrals, in addition to decorative paints for metal finishes and rusting effects.
One system, one solution
Choosing the best system guarantees a successful labor. Microcement solutions for each surface
Find an inspiration
Extense image gallery classified by categories. Works completed by our best professionals
We manufacture microcement, we guarantee quality
The quality of our products is the result of a continuous feedback from our clients to our techncians. Products certified by independent laboratories.
Helping professionals of decorative concrete
We pass on our expertise to professionals by means of constant technical education and training.
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Topciment has a worldwide network of distributors, for all decorative cement professionals
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Manufacturers of continuous and decorative coatings, concrete sealers & concrete paints since 2005
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