Topciment has a color chart with a collection of over 38 basics hues. This is but a sample of our most demanded color palette. Customising your rooms has never been so easy, we make it possible; just leave it to us.


There exists various textures(see Types of microcement) and varnishes that distinguish the look and final finishing of our microcements.

Since microcement is a porous material, we must apply a sealer over it to make it waterproof and to protect it from dirt.

Topciment has 3 types of sealing finishes:

MATE (matte):

Gives the coating a very natural look. Slightly dulls the color tone.

SATINADO (satin):

A balance between the matte and glossy finish. It is the most wanted finish because it gives off a modern look.

BRILLO (glossy):

Enhances and brightens the color. Marbled effect.

Metallic Paint

Arcocem Metal is our excellent metallic paint that achieves natural and old, kind of rusty, effects in the homes' decorative finishes. It is made from thin metallic particles.

Trust us when we say the results amaze anyone. Get original spaces with an industrial look.

We have an arrangement of 5 metallic paints with two types of finishes, natural and rusty:

  • Arcocem Metal paint – HIERRO 030(iron)
  • Arcocem Metal paint – HIERRO 004 (iron)
  • Arcocem Metal paint – COBRE (copper)
  • Arcocem Metal paint – LATÓN (brass)
  • Arcocem Metal paint – BRONCE (bronze)

Metallic Glazes

Inside the spectrum of Arcocem Metal products, there exists other finishes such as metallic glazes.

We're talking about metallic pigments that don't require rusting. They are an extra decoration to our surfaces to achieve a homogenous effect among metallics.

We offer a variety of glazing colors:

  • Metallic GOLD
  • Metallic COBRE (COPPER)

And if you want to give your home an even more exclusive look, try our GLITTER selection. It is a variation of the previously mentioned glazes with a glitter effect. We have three finishes:

  • Metallic Glitter GOLD
  • Metallic Glitter SILVER
  • Metallic Glitter BRONZE

Frequently Asked

Can the color wear off with time?

No, our pigments are stable and will not suffer any alterations in the long run, even when exposed to sunlight or weather.


We use mineral based pigments to make our inks. We must distinguish between organic based pigments and mineral based ones. The mineral based pigments are the most suitable against alkaline cement.. organic pigments (molecules that contain carbon) are not stable outdoors, they end up becoming other compounds that lack pigment properties or float up to the surface, hence why initial tones end up disappearing almost completely after some time. Inorganic pigments genrally keep the stability of mortars and concretes.

Why would there be differences in glossiness between the sample and the actual work done?

The microcement's application is a work of art, factors such as the amount of material employed or the paint rollers used for the sealer allow differences between the sample and the actual work.. the catalogues are sealed with a roller, if the sealing is done with a sealing gun we can achieve more gloss.

Can colors be combined on the same surface?

Yes, different microcement colors can be combined even finished on the same surface, the key is to clearly define the surface where the other color will be applied.


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