Do you want to become a distributor?

At Topciment we want to count on you. Our goal is that you will be able to offer your customers an innovative and quality product, which is in great demand in the market. We will help you and put at your service our extensive experience in the sector together with all the equipment necessary to distribute our products.

If you intend to become a Topciment Microcement distributor, thereby contributing to our on-going process of improvement and expansion in order to add more value to our company - we are waiting for you!

The Advantages of being a Topciment distributor

Being a Topciment distributor has endless advantages. We care about you from the start and throughout the whole process. We are always committed to the values which distinguish us: perseverance, responsibility and teamwork.

We will take care to strengthen your skills to increase your sales. If you gain, so do we! So, by being a Topciment distributor, you become part of the Topciment family, and you will have access to our entire network of distributors and application experts.

In addition, you will benefit from:

  • Commercial and technical advice
  • Graphic and advertising support
  • Communication and marketing support
  • Training courses for applications
  • Compliance with distribution channels

Contact us and we will inform you without any obligation.

What do we offer you?

Training courses

At Topciment we offer continuous advice to our distributors. We have training courses so that the professionals know in full detail and personally the procedures for the application of the Topciment Microcement.

Our certificated courses, with certification of expertise, are taught by professionals who teach the techniques for Topciment Microcement application; they will be responsible, throughout an eminently practical course, to solve any doubts that may arise.

Graphic and advertising support

When you become a Topciment distributor, you will receive all the advertising support necessary for your daily work. Our aim is to provide you with all the equipment and solutions necessary, provided by a personalised service.

We will make available product displays, catalogues, brochures, colour and finish charts with more than 30 samples, image and photographic back-up ... all the tools necessary to make it easier for you to sell our products.

Pigmentation system

We put at your disposal a pigmentation system unique in the market. This computer application prepares the colour requested by the customer from the Topciment colour chart. Thanks to this innovative tool you can reproduce the colour requested with the maximum security and reliability

By means of four variables: the type of product (Microbase, Microfino, Microdeck, etc.); the product quantity (10 Kg, 20 Kg, etc.); the colour selected from the Topciment chart, and the sealer (DSV or WT) with which to finish the microcement, the machine will automatically prepare the pigment to be applied, thereby minimizing the margin of error.

Experience in the sector

Topciment is a company specialised in the production and distribution of microcement, with more than 10 years of experience. Located in Valencia, our network extends throughout Spain, as well as in different European countries, including Germany, Holland, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom, etc.

The experience gained is one of our best references. We boost a highly-qualified team that makes us the leading reference on microcement in the marketplace.

We offer you the opportunity to join a large group, with excellent service and a guarantee of results from the first day.

Pricing policy

Being aware that our growth depends to a large extent on our distributors, we have established a price policy based on discount percentages, and designed to facilitate the calculation of your profit margin. In sales areas with a convergence of availability, we promise not to sell our products to either operators, or the end customer in order that, as the distributor, you will have preference.

We want to establish long-lasting alliances with you to obtain the best mutual benefits. We, as manufacturers, invest in our production processes, while your mission will be to make our products available, both in time and space, to operators.