How to reform your house without construction work and in a short time 16/11/2020

Many years ago you bought your house with all the enthusiasm in the world, but the passage of time has had consequences. With Topciment's microcement you will be able to reform your house without building works and in a short time.

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Microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2021: find out why 2/11/2020

If you want to renovate your bathroom in the coming months this news is perfect for you. The microcement bathrooms, decorative coating of high performance, will become a trend in 2021.

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7 reasons why microcement is a reform trend 13/10/2020

Microcement is the decorative coating of the present and the future, since its multiple benefits compared to other materials make it perfect for the creation of all kinds of spaces and styles. Here are the main advantages of microcemento, thanks to which you will get the house you have always wanted.

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The best pools are made of microcement: find out why 2/10/2020

Many people wish to have their own pool and it is no surprising. Because who wouldn't want to soak all day in the summer? We discover the microcement pools, the best option.

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The most famous house in social media is designed with Topciment 26/08/2020

The architect Carles Faus has designed the most viral house of the moment: a beautiful house located in Denia that stands out for its luminosity and its effect of continuity thanks to the application of microcement.

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New anti-slip sealer! 30/03/2020

Topsealer WT Ansti Slip joins the family of sealing varnishes to offer a key product for microcement surfaces: the anti-slip sealer.

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Topciment changes its image! 13/01/2020

From Topciment we have decided to go one step further when it comes to design and we have updated our image and the aesthetics of our cubes.

We present our range of products Sttandard , same quality and features, but with a renewed image much more visual and current, always without losing the essence of Topciment .

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Topciment presents Efectto! 13/01/2020

Topciment presents Efectto , the new line of continuous and ready-to-use decorative coatings.

Efectto is a wide range of products with a great variety of finishes that will be unveiled in the coming months. The first of these new products to see the light is Efectto Quartz.

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Kitchen countertops with microcement?13/01/2020

There are many types of materials for kitchen worktops, cheaper and more expensive, but Topciment microcement is a different option to all the solutions on the market. We tell you everything here so that you can choose the perfect kitchen countertop: resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

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Design and comfort for outdoor spaces.13/01/2020

Topciment presents the latest solution for exteriors, terraces, balconies and patios, the Microstone outdoor microcement. It is the most innovative product in continuous decorative coatings because it achieves a clean, pleasant and avant-garde environment.

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Wall coverings with Topciment 13/01/2020

The covering of the walls in some of the rooms, or of the whole house, gives us quality and an aesthetic and lasting result, especially in walls that require constant hygiene and cleaning, such as those in the kitchen or the bathroom.

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Topciment recommends Festool for a perfect application. 13/01/2020

A good application of microcement is conditioned by several factors, having quality products, the application technique, but also using the best tools.

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5 Keys to successful bathroom renovation 13/01/2020

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom and we don't always give it much thought. So here are 5 tips to successfully renovate your bathroom and give it the style and decor it deserves.

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Mistakes to avoid when combining colours 13/01/2020

In Topciment we propose you some tricks to succeed in redefining the different spaces of the house.

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Microcement in kitchens13/01/2020

Microcemento is a neutral material that combines in any type of kitchen, from classic to contemporary options, including industrial and Nordic.

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Microcement without problems 13/01/2020

How to avoid problems with microcement? An application with Topciment products guarantees the best quality products, certified applicators and experts in microcement

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New products for microcement’s cleaning and maintenance 13/01/2020

Topciment launches four new products on the market specially formulated for the care, maintenance and cleaning of microcement.

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Topciment renews with CYPE for another year13/01/2020

Topciment has renewed for another year with Cype and with this agreement, it will continue to provide service to construction professionals in terms of preparing budgets for works with microcement.

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